Earthquake Insurance

Do You Really Need It?

Earthquakes in California are a way of life, yet surprisingly more than 90% of households do not have earthquake insurance coverage. There are several points to consider when purchasing earthquake insurance. How much should the deductible be? Should I have basic or more comprehensive coverage? How much earthquake insurance will I need? Should I select a Private or Government Program? 

The licensed agents at Countryside Insurance Agency are trained professionals in earthquake insurance and will guide you in making the right coverage decisions based on your personal needs. We understand that life is often unpredictable. It’s our job to anticipate potential risks and make sure you’re ready for whatever life brings your way.

It’s difficult to know when or where an earthquake may strike, but you can prepare yourself by making home improvements to reduce catastrophic costs before they arise. Such improvements include bolting or bracing the structure to the foundation or installing a seismic shut off valve, each providing a discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy. 

Earthquake damage is generally not covered in the typical homeowner’s policy therefore you may want to look in to obtaining coverage. Earthquake insurance will cover damage to your dwelling and its contents caused by damage from an earthquake such as walls that collapse or valuables that are destroyed inside your home. However, some damages may not be covered, such as any flooding that may result.

It’s important to know that your homeowner’s policy will not cover damage caused by an earthquake or any direct damages from any earth movement, which include not only earthquakes but also landslides or sinkholes. You must either purchase an earthquake coverage endorsement or purchase a separate policy for earthquake insurance. Knowing how earthquakes can cause structural damage – why it happens and how you can protect against it – can help you minimize earthquake damage to your house. And, the price for earthquake insurance is not as costly as you may think. 

Enhancing Your Policy

Make sure to review the Earthquake Policy Tab within this website to ensure your household contents are adequately covered. If additional coverage is needed to protect your home's content, you may want to consider purchasing a more comprehensive earthquake policy.

In addition to rebuilding your home and replacing its contents should a disaster occur, you will need coverage for additional living expenses such as food, temporary housing and other basic personal needs. It is recommended you have an inventory of your home contents and valuable items available to determine the dollar amount you will need to replace them. 

A house isn’t just a place to reside; it’s your home. Identify any possible risks to your house and learn about the measures you can take to protect against those risks. Your home is one of your biggest assets; you need to protect it.

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